Fuel For Your Fire

warmaYour local supplier of logs and coal in Aylesham between Canterbury and Dover.

We have a selection of fuel products for most requirements, from seasoned logs to smokeless coal.  Along with firelighters and kindling available from our fireplace showroom just outside Canterbury.


We have a selection of netted seasoned logs to ton sacks for sale with competitive prices too.  Our kiln dried logs are available in various size bags from 10kg to 1000kg including bulk buying with delivery straight to your door.  Our seasoned logs have been sourced from a local supplier just outside Wingham in Kent and come in netted bags or ton sacks (ton sacks are used for dimensional purposes only).  Our kiln dried products come from Warma Home Fuels who also sell wood stores for easy storage of logs through the winter months.


We have various types of coal from house coal for open fires to smokeless coal designed for stoves.  The bag sizes are available in 10kg and 20kg which we hold stock of.  This can also be arranged for home delivery when buying in bulk.  Warma home fuels are our supplier of coal doubles, coal trebles, woodcoal and anthracite.

Fire Starters

We also stock fire lighting products along with kindling.  Our firelighters are eco friendly with the kindling coming in easy to store and stack boxes.

Warm festive wishes are sent to you from Grate Stoves and Fires.