NOW IN – Chilli Penguin Stoves

Chilli Penguin stoves are now in and on live and cold display in our showroom.  We have the High & Mighty in Mojave Red on live display and the Woody in black on cold display.  Our showroom is located on the CT3 Business Park in Aylesham near Canterbury, feel free to pop in and see these wonderful UK made stoves.

Based in North Wales the Chilli Penguin have a fabulous showroom and factory on the coastline of the Llyn Peninsula.  They have a select few stockist across the country of which we are one.  We all have certain areas to work within so as not to saturate the market or step on any toes.

Chilli Billy available for stove installation in Canterbury & surrounding areas.

Chilli Billy available for stove installation in Canterbury & surrounding areas.

The chilli Billie was the first stove in the range which was specifically made for use on Barges.  This mini stove is great for small spaces such as large garden sheds, glamping huts, summer houses and other compact areas.  As with all Chilli Penguin Stoves and coffee pot or hot water vessel can stand on the top to boil water for drinks & cooking.  Add a side warming stand to selected models to keep water/drinks warm.

Stove with Baking Oven

Fat Penguin available from our showroom just outside Canterbury

Some models such as the Hungry Penguin, Fat Penguin, High & Mighty and now the Penguin 88 (great names aren’t they?) come with baking ovens.

Baking ovens in stoves are great, why not put the room heating power of a stove to good use without compromising the stoves heat output to the room.

Brilliant for all kinds of bakes including crumbles, pies and casseroles to name but a few.  We like to warm crumpets in ours as a delicious breakfast or a mid morning snack.

For more information on these stoves including the different colour options and accessories pop on by or get in touch.

We survey in al the local areas comprising of Canterbury, Thanet, Dover, Folkestone, Whitstable, Herne Bay, Faversham, Ashford and all the villages tucker here and there in-between.

The team here at Grate Stoves & Fires look forward to seeing you soon.


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