Test it Tuesday

Today marks the beginning of our test it Tuesday campaign.

It is important to test your Carbon Monoxide (CO) alarm just as regularly as it is to test your smoke alarm.  It is good practice to get into the habit to test both on the same day.  Both these alarms have the power to save lives and take up less room that a box of tissues.

What is Carbon Monoxide

Carbon Monoxide is a colourless, odourless and tasteless gas produced when burning natural gas and fuels containing Carbon such as coal and wood.

Why is it just as important?

The most important thing to remember when dealing with CO is that no one is aware it is there.  It is part of our everyday lives produced by cars, machinery, fires etc but in excess this gas is dangerous to our health and has the potential to be deadly.  Unlike smoke which we have the power to see and smell CO is stealth.  You cannot see, hear, smell or taste it, the only way you will know that it is there and getting to harmful levels is to have an alarm fitted.

Is my fire or stove my only appliance that omit CO?

No your stove or fire is not the only appliance that can omit CO.  Your gas boiler, oven or hob all omit CO when in use.  Gas fires, boilers, fires and stoves should be installed with a flue that will carry these gasses away to a safer place, however this does not mean you can forgo a CO alarm as you may be unaware that there is damage or blockage with or in your flue.  It is advisable that you have a CO alarm in the same room to each appliance.

Carbon Monoxide poisoning prevention.

It is easy to prevent CO poisoning when you have a CO alarm that is fitted and tested regularly.  There are other things that you can do to prevent this poisonous gas seeping into your home as well.  You can:

  1. Service your stove yearly

    Having your stove serviced yearly will not only make sure that it does not omit this harmful gas it will also make it as efficient as it can be maximising the heat potential of the fuel you burn.  Please get in touch for more information on stove surveys, we will not only tell you what you need straight away, we can advise you what you may need in the future and for peace of mind we will obtain and fit the bits that you need.

  2. Get your chimney swept Yearly

    Having you chimney swept will prevent you from CO poisoning by making sure that the chimney isn’t blocked.  Ask your chimney sweep to have a look and make sure that your lining is in fair to good condition.  If there are any wear and tear or cracks it is advised to have it replaced.  Only use a chimney sweep that is qualified and registered to do so.  Take a look on the HETAS register for a sweep in your area.

  3. Have other appliances serviced regularly

    Other appliances such as boilers etc should be serviced by a Gas Safe registered installer.  It is good practice to have this done yearly to maintain the efficiency of your appliances.  Take a look on the Gas safe register for an engineer near you.

Where can you buy a CO alarm?

From us of course, if you have had a stove or fire installed by us you would have had an alarm fitted within the regulated distance from appliances however you may not have one near your boiler or possibly by your gas fire situated in another room.  Drop in or get in touch to purchase yours today.  If you are would like more help or advice please get in touch or pop in.

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