Top 5 Fireside Essentials

We all need company and your stove or fire is no different.  Why not treat yourself to a few of our top 5 essentials fireside accessories available from our fireplace showroom in Aylesham CanterburyCompanion Sets & Fireside Accessories Canterbury.

We find that it is good practice to have some if not all of these items to make lighting, maintaining and cleaning your fire or stove much easier and less hassle:

1. A good pair of Gauntlets (heat/fire resistant gloves)

A good pair of gauntlets is a must when you have a fire whether it be an open fire or stove.  It is essential that gloves are worn when re-fuelling your fire to avoid getting burnt especially as some types of fuel can spit.  We also recommend using the gauntlets whenever you have to go near your stove or fire, even if you are only closing or opening and air inlet or poking an open fire, it is always better to be safe.

2. Long Match or Lighter

Long matches or a long lighter will make lighting your stove not only easier but much safer too.  If you only light the front pieces of paper you have a chance of the kindling falling forward as you balls of paper burn from front to back.  This could fall onto your hearth and spill over if you have an open fire or rest against the glass in a stove making a mess when you open the door.  If you are able to reach you match or lighter to light a few different places amongst the balled paper you will get a much more even burn enabling you to light your stove more effectively and efficiently.

3. Companion Sets

Some may not think that a companion set is an essential fireside accessory but we do.  From tongs and pokers to brushes and shovels there are many essential items within a companion set.  All enable you to tend to your fire at a safer distance.  They are also handy for keeping the stove or fire area tidy as you can do a little sweeping of excess ash etc as you go.

4. Shovels

Shovels are not only a great help if you have a coal fire they are also handy when it comes to cleaning your fire or stove.  As coal shovels are metal a few hot embers every now and then wont hurt and shovelling ash from your stove is simpler with a full sized shovel into a metal bucket for appropriate disposal.

5. Basket or Coal Scuttles/Hods

Baskets are a great way to keep your fuel neat and tidy by your fireside.  They come in all shapes and sizes including larger ones on casters for easier movement from A to B.  Add a smaller basket to your fireside to hold scraps of paper or kindling in.  Coal scuttles or hods are an essential item as coal can be quite dusty and messy, they also come in different designs and shapes.

All of these items mentioned above are available for sale at Grate Stoves and Fires in Aylesham, Canterbury.  A wider range is also available for order.  Pop in and see us or give us a call to find out more.

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