Valiant Stove Fans – What We Think

We have on display & use a Valiant 4 blade stove fan in our stove and fireplace shop in Canterbury Kent and here is what we have to say about this product including the good the bad and the ugly (although there isn’t any ugly and you’ll see why).


We love how this helps thrust the heat that would normally stay above and around the stove out into the room.  With this stove fan sat on top of our live 5kw multi-fuel stove (High & mighty from Chilli Penguin) we can maintain a flow of rising heat being propelled into the room from when a fire is first lit to well after it dies down.

Upon lighting the stove it takes next to no time for the fan to begin turning, this start a short time after the kindling starts to maintain an established burn.

Another positive is that it is more or less silent, in actual fact with general day to day noise it cannot be heard.  This means that your conversations, TV watching or music listening will not be effected.

Valiant 4 Blade Stove Fan

Valiant 4 blade stove fan available from Grate Stoves & Fires Canterbury Kent.

Not So Positive

The only disadvantage to this particular stove fan is the height, with some general height constraints of fireplace chambers some of our customer would not be able to fit this on top of there stove.  Don’t worry though if its a little tight your in luck as the Premaire from Valiant is 31mm shorter meaning you don’t have to miss out if it’s just a tight squeeze.

What our customers have to say:

All of our customers who have seen and felt the heat from the stove fan have been extremely impressed at how it works, especially when they hear that it is powered by heat alone and there is no need for a battery or power lead.

Customers are also impressed with how much additional heat is propelled into the room.

The stove fan range from Valiant definitely gets a thumbs up from us and our customers.

Stock is available for the 2 and 4 blade with the Premaire available to order in at our fireplace and stove showroom in Aylesham, Canterbury, Kent.

For more information on these or to see the other fireside accessories and fire maintenance products please do contact us via the phone or email.  Alternatively pop into the shop on the CT3 Business Park in Aylesham which is situated between Canterbury and Dover.

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